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If you are using VisionPoint or Pro Series and are thinking about moving up to ALERE Accounting, you will want to know about some significant differences and about converting your data.

First the differences. Here are the ones most frequently mentioned by our clients.

Period Closings - Do you have to plan your time off around period and year end closings? Does your company come to a halt while while you wait for batch postings to complete before the accounting system is ready to be used again? ALERE is a true real time system. Period closings are automatic and you choose when to print key financial reports or make GL adjustments. No more overtime on the last weekend of the month.

Ease of Use - Software does not have to be complicated in order to be powerful and ALERE proves it! Using ALERE is deceptively simple which belies the real complexity going on behind the scenes. For example, the first time you handle a returned check and the receivable is reopened and all the journal entries are automatically made you will understand what we mean.

Company Based - Ever wonder why after you set up a company as a customer and then, because you also buy from them, had to set them up all over again as a supplier? Seems contrary to the idea of only entering information once doesn't it? We thought so to and that is why when a company in ALERE is set up, you can work with it in any manner you choose.

Would you like to learn more about the differences? We have a prepared a White Paper on the Features and Benefits of ALERE Accounting. It is in PDF format and you can download it or read it online.

ALERE Features and Benefits

Moving your business to another accounting package can sometimes be a difficult and expensive transition. That is why we have developed conversion software for both the VisionPoint and Pro Series accounting packages.

The conversion software can either make a Static or Dynamic conversion and is provided free of charge when ALERE is purchased.

The Static conversion (QuickBook conversions use this process) is probably the easiest of the two types of conversions to make. It brings over non-transaction type date like part numbers, customer and supplier information, chart of accounts, etc. When completed, just enter your opening balances and then you are ready to enter the first transactions into ALERE.

The Dynamic conversion includes all the data the static conversion does, plus all the transactional data like orders, invoices, payable, etc. While more challenging to do, this type of conversion may suit your needs better.

The conversion software was developed a number of years ago and has been constantly refined and improved but it is not a "magic bullet". You should allow a certain amount of time and budget to address the inevitable problems that will arise.

We recommend limiting a Dynamic conversion to the last two years of data. The more work that is done cleaning up files before the conversion, the more smooth the process will be.

Most importantly, working with an experienced Dealer will ensure a better outcome and ultimately save money.

There is a White Paper prepared by Technical Services that provides detailed information on converting data into our products. It is a good source of background information.

The conversion program includes instructions and screen captures to help guide you through the process.

Source code is also available for the conversion program should you have extensive modifications or other requirements.

More info and downloads

There is a conversion path from VisionPoint and Pro Series to ALERE Accounting

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