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Is ALERE available online?

ALERE Cloud is offered as Software-as-a-Service making it easy to run your accounting anywhere internet service is available. More Info

How many Modules?

Six Core Modules consisting of: Manager; Sales; Purchases; Inventory; General Ledger; and InTouch

Six Extension Modules consisting of: Analytics; Configuration; Commissions; DRP; Mobility; and Multi-Currency

How many users in the base package?

ALERE comes with five (5) concurrent users. This means that any five workstations can be using ALERE at one time.

Is there mandatory maintenance?

Maintenance is optional and include all releases and technical support. More Info

Does TIW offer training?

We offer Technical Seminars and consulting support. More Info

Where are the invoice and payable functions?

Both of the functions are included in the Sales and Purchases Modules respectively. ALERE packs more into fewer modules in order to provide you with real value.

What check formats are used?

ALERE Checks are designed for use in ALERE. To purchase checks go to Also, the check layout can be easily modified to accommodate most other preprinted checks.

What is the platform?

Microsoft VFP and Client/Server included in package - choose which to use

Does ALERE Manufacturing (formerly WorkShop) integrate with ALERE Accounting?

Yes it does. If you are a current user of ALERE Manufacturing (formerly WorkShop) and are adding ALERE Accounting, you can receive the Manager Module for free. Our way of saying thank you for your business.

What about source code?

Screens and reports are included in the base product. In addition a Developer's Source Kit is available.

Are you offering competitive upgrades?

Call TIW Marketing to learn about current promotions.

Is there any assistance with data conversion?

A utility is available to convert VisionPoint and Pro Series companies. You may choose to do a static conversion or a dynamic conversion. TIW is alao available to assist in conversion. Call us for information.

Does this include a QuickBooks conversion?

Yes! A specially designed program will import QuickBooks companies and inventory. More info ....

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