InTouch CRM

InTouch CRM

InTouch is ALERE’s integrated contact manager. For ALERE the term CRM means Company Relationship Management. Customers and suppliers and their respective contacts and prospects, are seamlessly blended together where all the critical information you need to manage your relationships with them is at your fingertips.

Since sharing information is central to the function of a good CRM package, InTouch has two-way links with Microsoft® Outlook which provides connectivity for appointments, tasks, and emails sent or recorded by either product. As an extension, information natively placed by InTouch through the two-way link, can be utilized by the tools in Outlook.

A companion InTouch product, the ALERE Mobility Module, goes a step further and employs the Cloud to share ALERE information with an expanding list of mobility devices.

Contacts, companies with which you do business, and prospective contacts, companies with which you hope to do business, are maintained in separate files. This way marketing campaigns and other activities can be directed to either prospects or regular contacts.

To that end, InTouch provides an environment that manages prospects in a parallel manner to that of companies and contacts. Prospect profile and contact screens mimic company profile and contact screens. Enticing a prospect to do business with you may mean providing them with more than one quote. So InTouch provides a quote system similar to the standard sales order quote in ALERE.

At the appropriate moment, prospect contact information can be converted to company contact information using a template to populate the information needed when creating a new company. You have the option of also converting “prospect quotes” to “standard sales quotes” or into live sales orders during the conversion process.

Both contact and prospect companies have screens that have numerous tabs, each handling a specific function, which makes organizing and searching company information easy. Since your business is unique, a profile can be designed to collect completely customized information about a company via three columns, each containing thirteen user-defined fields, as well as four memo-style note fields.

Recording notes, scheduling appointments or adding tasks are never more than one click away. Logs keep a record of all contacts with that company including every contact recorded from within ALERE, as well as any emails sent from within Outlook.

Personal information on contacts within a company include a contact image and six user-defined miscellaneous fields. A synchronized record of all communications with that contact is provided and includes all the contacts recorded from within ALERE, as well as any emails sent from within Outlook.

Past order activity related to a company is easily available, with drill down to the actual order records, and it can be organized using a set of filters. Likewise, items that have been shipped or received from that company can be reviewed in the same manner. An itinerary provides a list of all the appointments and tasks defined within Outlook for the company.

Messaging and marketing campaigns using email is handled by InTouch through the use of a user-defined rules screen to create a list of people or companies to receive the emails. Mass emailing can then be sent to multiple recipients based on these rules or by a previously saved email list.

Separate screens within InTouch are devoted to displaying contact calendar and tasks scheduled by Outlook. Sales teams are supported and login access can be used to determine what information is available to teams or individual users.

ALERE InTouch brings you a superbly integrated contact manager that can take you all the way from your desktop to your smart phone.

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Last modified June 13, 2016