Mobility Module


The Mobility Module manages the ALERE interface to mobile devices through the Cloud. It supports your web development by controlling which ALERE data is uploaded for your HTML program use and keeps it synchronized.

Developed by TIW and free for download, is the InTouch Call Sheet App (application) for your smart phone or tablet. This mobility app provides access to real-time company sales information via the Cloud making your ALERE InTouch contact manager, and all of its resources, always available. With it you have company and contact information, order status, call sheets and maps…all accessible while you are away from your computer at the office!

Envision yourself in front of a customer and they ask about the status of an open order. Using your smart phone or tablet and the ALERE InTouch app you look up the order, tell them that (if) it has shipped, and, if so, the date it went out the door. You can even view the details of the order right down to the line items.

As information changes and is updated back in your office, the Mobility Module automatically synchronizes the data with the data that has been placed in the Cloud. Your contact and sales information is up-to-date whenever you do an inquiry or browse for information.

Login options permit access to the contact and sales data to be filtered based on your user permissions. The control extends to allowing all the sales information to be viewed, limiting it to only those on your sales team, or filtering the material for which you are the sales person.

As TIW develops additional apps, they will be made available for free or, if you are an experienced user, your own custom apps can be developed for use.

Nowadays, almost every company has a web presence in the Cloud. It may consist of a web site, catalogs, and perhaps an online store. Web developers can capitalize on the Mobility Module by using its facilities to both publish and keep updated ALERE data to the Cloud in a MySQL format.

Specifiying data to publish to the Cloud is as easy as setting the location to transfer the data to and then selecting the tables and fields that contain the information from a screen.

The data can even be filtered by adding programming right on the screen.

You even have control over how often the data is synchronized!

The Mobility Module solves the challenge of keeping timely sales information available to your sales force using mobile devices and by supporting the tedious task of keeping your company’s web presence up to date!

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Last modified June 13, 2016