TIW offers an advanced and flexible manufacturing ERP solution called ALERE Manufacturing for AccountMate clients. Designed for companies that:

  • Make to stock

  • Make to order

  • Job shops

  • Custom manufacture client engineered projects

Description Price
Per Module $3,000.00
Sofware Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) per Module $500.00
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ALERE Manufacturing for AccountMate

ALERE Manufacturing consists of eight modules.

Manager Module - Maintains the links to AccountMate including releasing the GL transactions, the user privileges, and all the housekeeping functions.

Order Module - Creates the orders that are used by the shop to process jobs. Work orders include the instructions, configurations, and material lists for making the items and tracking them through the shop to their completion and movement to inventory.

Route Module - Responsible for the routing instructions used by work orders to manufacture items. An advanced MRP concept called Synchronous Scheduling, is supported by the assignment of materials on a BOM to operation steps.

Machine Module - Defines the capacity of the manufacturing facility and helps with the machine maintenance.

Schedule Module - Develops a production plan, using finite scheduling techniques, to process work orders through a manufacturing facility. Results can be displayed graphically and modified on a schedule board using drag & drop.

BOM Module - Responsible for bills of material and for the material requirements planning (MRP) process. TIW pioneered the use of modular and variable bills to simplify and compress BOM's. The module also manages material orders for small jobs that only require a material list and simple back flushing capability.

Plan Module - Extends the capabilities of the MRP by looking at the material required for all levels from the sales order down to the raw materials in one single step. Then time-phased the components required to determine when they need to be ordered or manufactured to fill demand. The net requirements are converted into planned work orders and purchase orders which can be included in the MRP report. The plan process accomplishes this task in one single pass and does not require the multiple passes common in most MRP packages.

Cost Module - Responsible for estimating and tracking the costs associated with the manufacturing process.

Both AccountMate Software Corporation and TIW Technology, Inc. have been supplying and servicing their software customers for over 25 years.  Combined, they have many thousands of satisfied customers. Each one has a reputation for providing the flexibility and real-time reliability that growing small to mid-sized customers require.

David Dierke, President and CEO of AccountMate said, “Now with the addition of TIW’s ALERE Manufacturing suite, AccountMate is proud to offer our clients this very credible manufacturing handling and reporting system that will give them tremendous control over their manufacturing processes and inventory management. “

Data Acquisition for AccountMate

Download DAQ Product Description in PDF


ALERE Data Acquisition, or DAQ as it is commonly called, comes embedded in the ALERE Manufacturing product.

Wedge scanners or scanners running under Terminal Services, are use to help speed the entry of transactions in the ALERE Manufacturing software.

Using scanners can help with the accuracy and speed of several different processed in the Manufacturing package.


·         Labor cycle and setup transactions

·         Issuing material from inventory

·         Starting and stopping operation steps

·         Tracking work center usage

·         Posting fixed and variable overhead costs

·         Updating work in process quantities

·         Changes in production yields

·         Posting finished goods

·         Tracking time & attendance

While wedge scanners do not require an additional user license because they share the user license with the computer they are attached to, scanners running under terminal services do use one user seat per scanner. Be sure to include those necessary user licenses when planning for the total number of seats that you will require to run ALERE Manufacturing for your company.


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