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AccountMate Software Corporation was founded in 1984. The California-based company provides customers with accounting and business management software. The software has the ability to conform to unique business processes with modifiable source code. It can be adapted to different business situations and evolve with the business.

AccountMate's flagship product, AccountMate VAM SQL, is the culmination of the company's 25 years of experience in providing flexible, real time business information solutions to over 125,000 users in a wide variety of industries and professions. AccountMate serves over 200 industries, from distributors of aircraft parts, to manufacturers of apparel, public housing authorities, and art museums.

AccountMate is sold worldwide and is available in two platforms, LAN or Microsoft SQL and in three languages--English, French, and Spanish. AccountMate can be localized to fulfill the specific financial management requirements of a particular country. The software has multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities and can accommodate differences in regional tax systems.

Integration Information

A tightly functional ERP system is obtained by the integration of ALERE Manufacturing and AccountMate

ALERE Manufacturing includes support for Visual AccountMate LAN and SQL platforms

ALERE Manufacturing and AccountMate products are linked seamlessly in real time at the table level

Answer a couple of straightforward questions after installing ALERE Manufacturing and integration is established instantly

Inventory allocations, on order status, and issues and receipts are supported

Integration History

ALERE Manufacturing LC v9.5

VAM SQL v8.1 - v5.0

VAM LAN v7.1

ALERE Manufacturing CS v9.4

VAM SQL v6.5 - v5.0

ALERE Manufacturing CS v9.0

VAM SQL v6.5 - v5.0

ALERE Manufacturing CS v8.5

VAM SQL v6.5 - v5.0

ALERE Manufacturing CS v8.1

VAM SQL v6.5 - v5.0

ALERE Manufacturing CS v8.0

VAM SQL v6.0 - v5.0

ALERE Manufacturing CS v7.0

VAM SQL v5.0

ALERE Manufacturing v6.6

VAM LAN v5.0

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