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Integrate scanners into your daily processes with ALERE Data Acquisition (DAQ).



ALERE DAQ comes embedded in the ALERE Accounting and ALERE Manufacturing products. It uses wedge scanners or scanners running under Terminal Services, to help speed the entry of:

  • Entering and shipping items on a sales order

  • Receiving items on a purchase order

  • Doing inventory adjustments

  • Posting transactions to manufacturing work order

  • Tracking time & attendance

  • Record physical inventories

Data can be input in two ways:

  1. By selecting the Scan button on screens to activate the scanner.

  2. By starting the stand-alone program.

The scanning is done in real time and is interactive with the operator through a “prompt” process. Item locations, lot numbers, serial numbers and traits are supported.

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An advanced feature of the product is the ability to scan large numbers of items being entered on a sales order and total the number of each individual item on a single line as opposed to the one scan/one line method. This is particularly attractive to distributors.

The DAQ stand-alone program will allow you to:

  • Do inquiries on the stocking levels of items

  • Move inventory

  • Increase or decrease inventory

  • Print item labels

  • Post transactions in ALERE Manufacturing

While wedge scanners do not require an additional user license because they share the user license with the computer they are attached to, scanners running under terminal services do use one user seat per scanner. Be sure to include those necessary user licenses when planning for the total number of seats that you will require to run ALERE for your company.

ALERE Data Acquisition is sold and serviced by a network of Authorized Dealers.

Technical Seminars help introduce your staff to ALERE and provide inexpensive solution training. Call today for a Dealer near you.

If you would like to see ALERE for yourself, a trial package can be downloaded or you call us at 610.258.5161 x 105 and ask for a Free Trial Package. We will be happy to send one to you.

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