TIW Already Positioned For Future VFP Changes!

At TIW we have always looked to the future and for that reason we have invested heavily in the development of a sound application structure for ALERE Business Applications that is largely language independent. That structure has been in place for some time. It is what allows ALERE to simultaneously accommodate both VFP and SQL based companies on one company menu!

With such a language independent structure, migration to another language is a greatly reduced task. Since the time to migrate is reduced, the pressure to take the risk of making a wrong choice is also reduced. This allows the new development environments to mature and allows us and, by extension our Dealers and customers, to avoid the early teething pains.

We have all had occasion to be involved with products that promised much but the technology just could not deliver!

We use SQL, C++ and Visual FoxPro as our chosen programming languages. They are all tools that are mature and powerful and permit TIW to create highly adaptable products for the market place which we serve. Microsoft is committed to providing support for VFP for a number of years until its retirement in 2015 when it will be released for maintenance by the VFP community. Yet today, it remains perhaps the best development platform available for accounting and manufacturing software.

That is why TIW will continue to develop on it until a suitable replacement emerges.

There are other products that, in one or two versions, may become appropriate development platforms. They have potential and we are constantly monitoring their progress. As we move forward and a new development platform matures enough to replace VFP, you can be assured that the transition for our clients will be smooth and seamless.

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Last modified June 13, 2016