TIW Difference

  The Difference Is In How We Work

Here are some of the ways we provide value when you purchase TIW accounting and manufacturing software.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) means stable code that eases the task of customization.

Language settings by user allow you to not only operate different languages in the same company but to even personalize the menus and screens for each user.

Extensive product customization that can often be accomplished with NO CODING.

A kernel/shell approach to structuring products that minimizes the impact of product upgrades.

Use of Windows standards allows you to use tools you already know and operate in a familiar environment, be it a spreadsheet, word processor or a mission critical application.

Tabular screens that smoothly tie together related information and processes in ways that are intuitive and easy to use.

Browsers that not only allow you to find information quickly but to perform data mining online.

Screen-On-Screen (MDI) means that you can open and work on many different screens from different parts of the product at the same time.

Dynamic screen sizing permits you to click and drag open screens to see more lines in a table, expand images, and open up the area available for notes.

Useable buttons that are large, with icons in color, and  a matching description underneath are on every screen. No little bitty hard to find buttons whose function is unclear! Since TIW programs are truly object oriented these buttons and their functions can be used on any custom screen you design! A tremendous time saver for your programming staff!

Pop up date calendars and numeric keypads speed data entry.

Key field validation every time the Enter key is pressed.

HTML User Manuals that work like a web site provide real help to each user. You can even download the Manuals right from the TIW web site.

Public disclosure of significant issues in the products with work arounds and free downloadable patches.

Free eNotes that provide hints and tips and other related information about the products.

Software Maintenance Agreements that include all releases of the products and technical support.

There is simply not another company that has the expertise, commitment, and dedication to their product,

their users and their resellers that TIW does.

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