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" Our sales reps love it!! They each receive an “Alert” by email anytime one of their key customers goes too long without placing an order."
" We’ve been able to better manage many of our hard to get inventory items due to Info-Alert notifying us right away when the available quantity drops below an order point. This allows us to place orders days ahead of time, we used to have to wait until we ran our Inventory reorder report, now the computer is doing it for us."
" Our sales reps picked up 8 checks from customers they were visiting with overdue balances the day after they received their first alert once Info-Alert was installed and configured on our system. Normally they would have waited until the end of the month when we ran our AR Aging."

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Info-Alert is a powerful tool that monitors your ALERE Accounting and Manufacturing business data and provides automated alerts when various business conditions are met. Info-Alert serves as a “virtual employee” that attaches to your accounting and manufacturing data and reviews it at scheduled intervals, reporting the information to the appropriate people.

With Info-Alert, you define a specific set of parameters. When conditions occur that meet those parameters, an alert is sent—via email or report—to those individuals assigned to receive the notification (employees, customers, vendors, etc.). There are many predefined alerts, including those in categories such as Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Inventory and Purchasing. For each pre-defined alert, you can establish a set of criteria; for example, “Only review customers assigned to a specific sales rep.”

Info-Alert is quick and easy to install. Once it is set up, Info-Alert will run unattended, reviewing your data for information you have requested. Most other Microsoft or ODBC-compliant databases in your office can easily be connected and mapped to Info-Alert to allow you to generate alerts based on your company specific data. Info-Alert can also be configured to send dunning letters to your customers, send requests to vendors for the status of late shipments, automatically update credit hold flags in your customer record and much more.

TIW has licensed the Info-Alert tool from ICS, Inc. and has developed a library of standard alerts for ALERE Accounting and Manufacturing. These alerts plus the Info-Alert Manager Module are packaged together.

The Tool Kit Module allows you to expand on the alerts by creating your own.


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