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The Manager module handles a number of housekeeping functions and features in support of ALERE Manufacturing. This module controls the creation, management and access to multiple separate companies that can be supported by ALERE Manufacturing.

Managing links to accounting packages, establishing global definitions, setting up email automation rules, defining which inventory locations to use for material planning, setting preferences to use as defaults in a company, are just a few of its housekeeping functions.Login_screen

For the system administrator, there are tools for maintaining the integrity of the manufacturing data like reconciling data, reindexing files, checking for duplicate records, and clearing network flags when there is a system crash.  A robust security function allows the administrator to carefully control user access to the various software functions and manage their passwords on a company-by-company basis.

A tool permits the administrator to log off users and lock the system or schedule a logoff/lockout date and time.

For companies which desire to customize ALERE Manufacturing to their specific needs, an online data dictionary provides the detailed structure of the tables and reports necessary to make changes. Many customizations can be made using the screen, report and label modification tools. For advanced modifications, there is an optional Developerís Kit available.

Customization extends to modifying menus and screens to use a different language on a user by user basis. This makes it possible for a multi-lingual company to modify ALERE Manufacturing to support several different languages and to have them automatically implemented based on the user who signs in.

Employees can record their work start and finish times and post labor to manufacturing jobs. Supervisors can correct mistakes in the labor postings. A report provides a log of those times.email_screen

Email alerts are integrated into ALERE Manufacturing to help notify the appropriate people when certain activities or events take place in the manufacturing process. The administrator can develop rules that control when the emails are sent and even automatically attach documentation to them. For example, when a bill of material is changed by engineering an email can be sent a process engineer to alert him of the change.

The Manager module enables ALERE Manufacturing to handle multiple date and time formats including support for Standard Engineered Minutes. This support extends to Average, Standard, LIFO, and FIFO inventory valuation methods. There is even an option to post finished goods to inventory at their actual cost, their standard cost, or the issued material costs over and above the inventory valuation method chosen.

Manufacturing has a need to track costs that many other industries do not. So default general ledger accounts can be established for work in process, variances, labor, fixed and variable overhead, and maintenance.

The process of manufacturing usually involves tracking and handling a considerable amount of materials. The Manager module helps to facilitate this by printing labels on demand. This includes the ability to add a bar code to the labels for fast and accurate processing.

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