ALERE v11.0 Released ALERE v11.0 New Features Brochure
January 13, 2017

ALERE v11.0 has been released.

This all-encompassing version includes Accounting, CRM, Manufacturing, Data Acquisition, Mobility, Document Management, and Single Purpose Apps.

Single Purpose Apps has been expanded to include the use of user permissions. This makes the Apps ideal for creating order entry portals for clients and hundreds of other applications!

ALERE's new ribbon menu interface makes it ideal for use on traditional desktop and laptop PC's as well as tablets and other mobile devices.

The manufacturing modules have been spread among three tabs based on the functions: Production, Engineering and Logistics.

The Configurator module has been incorporated under the Inventory tab.

The ribbon menu will automatically configure itself for clients with accounting and manufacturing, accounting only, and manufacturing only.

The new Fetch is embedded in the ribbon menu and has search capabilities for the entire scope of ALERE. As each person uses Fetch it will automatically arrange the search links based on their use by the individual. Users may also manually set search priorities.

And there are dozens of other major features and improvements in the v11.0 release!

Click to Download the New Features Brochure.

December 16, 2016

ALERE v11.0 is presently scheduled for release in January 2017.

However, since the features and options are now fixed it has allows the New Features Brochure to be finalized and made available.

Click to Download

The brochure is a PDF file eight pages long. Every new feature, big and small is listed and explained. The more significant features are illustrated with screen captures.

 A separate section details all the report changes and new options. Another section carefully lists new user rights permissions and what they are used for.

ALERE v11.0 Product Merger Policy  

November 29, 2016

The upcoming release of v11.0 will merge the Accounting and Manufacturing products. Clients that have both products, and they decide to upgrade, will have a couple of benefits.

The first is that the number of users in each product will be combined and rounded up to the next increment of five. So if you now have 10 users in Accounting and 5 users in Manufacturing that will be come 15 total users in v11.0.

Another example is if you have 5 users in Accounting and 2 users in Manufacturing that will become 7 rounded up to 10 in v11.0.

A second benefit is that the Accounting and Manufacturing Manager modules will be combined into one Manager module in v11.0. The cost of the combined Manager modules will be the same as one module and there will be only one SMA instead of two.

A third benefit is that Developer's Source Kit for Accounting and Manufacturing will be combined into one. The cost of the combined DSK will be the same as one module and there will be only one SMA instead of two.

Another benefit is that the DRP and Plan modules will be combined under the Plan module. and will match the module and SMA costs as the other merged modules.

These examples are just some of the changes.

A one page paper has been composed to help you understand how the merger will work. Click the link below to download it.

Product Merger Policy



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