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F9 helps businesses maximize their accounting personnel and enhance their productivity.  Reports are timely, consistent, and accurate.  F9 systems are easy to implement and integrate well into existing network environments.  Today, our solutions are in use by over 30,000 organizations worldwide.    

Microsoft Excel users already know how valuable spreadsheets are for financial reporting.  F9 leverages that value by delivering your GL data directly to Microsoft Excel through a dynamic link to the most current information -- with no exports or manual entries required.

By employing a combination of simple cell formulas in Microsoft Excel, F9 allows any GL data to be formatted into desired financial reports within the flexible and powerful environment of the spreadsheet.  F9 features include drill down, consolidations, report auditing, dashboards, KPI reporting, and more.   

The F9 solution can:

}  Consolidate data from multiple sources.

}  Drill down from the report to the data origin.

}  Retrieve and edit GL budget information in Microsoft Excel.

}  Create fully formatted, dynamic reports in just seconds.

Standard queries and reports are available to get your personnel up-and-running quickly, and ad hoc query capabilities ensure you always get the information you need.

F9 can help your business create dynamic financial reports quickly and accurately -- with no rekeying.  If you know Microsoft Excel, you know F9!



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