Freight+ Shipping Manifest System - Freight+ Shipping Manifest System Ship or Rate-Shop UPS,FedEx, US Postal, LTL Bill-of-Lading all from inside ALERE. Freight+ is seamlessly integrated into ALERE for both LAN and Client/Server platforms.

One click generates shipping tags, international documents, BOLīs from ALERE's Order Entry Screen. UPS, FedEx, USPS Certified. One shipping solution for ALL carriers.

Freight+ can optionally run out-side of ALERE linked directly to Sales Orders or Invoices. Supports all carrier features including: Domestic and International Shipments, UPS and FedEx special contract services, UPS SurePost, FedEx SmartPost, 3rd party billing, Drop-Shipment, USB and Serial Scales, Print tags on Laser or Thermal printers, Multi User.

ALERE Shipping Automation includes UPS, FedEx, USPS, LTL Ship and Rate-Shop

        • All carriers in one software program with complete shipping automation
        • 90% reduction in shipping time
        • Runs inside ALERE or externally linked to ALERE software
        • Ship, Quote, Rate-Shop all carriers UPS, FedEx, USPS, LTLís
        • LTL rate shopper for ALL LTL carriers, creates a Bill of Lading and pickup notify
        • Automate and rate shop shipments from your sales order entry
        • Sends Advanced E-mail notification to client with line item details from order with a tracking #ís
        • Saves contents of each box in history file so you can view the contents of any package
        • International documents completed using your order header and line item informaiton, no user input required
        • Pick and Pack contents of each box (optional). Split line items and enter serial numbers
        • Mulit User with unlimited workstations, Track all packages for all carriers from one location
        • SED's filed electronically with AESDirect (US Customs)
        • Drop-Shipping, All billing options, PIP Insurance, Shipping Rules, Additional Handling % or flat rate



Purchase or download our FREE version: FREE Pay-Per-Package version allows you to download Freight+ and start shipping today at no cost. We will add a small handling fee to the shipping charge which is added to your Freight line on the invoice. You pay the handing charge using your credit card at end of each day and your client pays your invoice. Giving you the shipping system for FREE.

Freight+ Shipping Manifest Systems
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