Ticomix, Inc.
Ticomix, Inc.

Job Cost - This product provides project management and cost analysis for ALERE Accounting. Job Cost ties multiple purchase orders and work orders together to produce total project costing. Notes and key dates are kept for each job. A variety of reports and analysis tools are incorporated to track jobs.

Unity Data Collection Suite - Data collection software designed to make the gathering of data fast, simple, and accurate.  Through the use of bar coding, Unity allows the user to not only to reduce keystrokes, but to also improve the accuracy of collected data.

It's modular design let's you select the modules you need to collect the data which is integral to you business.  From work-in-progress to time and attendance data, Unity collects the data which is so important to the flow of your business.

TimeDesk - TimeDesk handles labor based billing (time and billing) and service ticket tracking as well as adding some help desk features. Geared towards the service industry, it provides customer tracking, RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) tracking, and pre-paid retainer billing. TimeDesk has the capability of linking with ALERE for the purpose of creating sales orders for billing customers for service that was performed.

Item History Inquiry - The Item History Inquiry is an easy to install and easy to use add-in for the ALERE Accounting System. With a single button your client's sales team can instantly see what items their customer has been purchasing. Additionally they can view pricing information for any given item, including quantity price breaks. With this information at their fingertips, your client can handle sales calls more quickly and efficiently.

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Get up an running quickly with the Item History Inquiry, which takes just a few minutes to install. The product does require that the ALERE Accounting System is installed and is subject to the same PC system requirements as the ALERE product.

The list price for this add-in is only $
295.00. The product is delivered via e-mail or as a download from our FTP site. For more information about the new Item History Inquiry product you can visit our website at

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