ALERE Accounting v7.2 Issues

General Patch - Posted 12/18/14

Download General Patch

Instructions for installing ALERE Accounting 7.2 Patch:

Please read instructions completely before starting upddate. Contact us if there are any questions. Note that previous 7.2 Patches do not need to be in place before installing this update.

Unzip to a Temp directory, maintaining directory structures. With noone in ALERE or linked programs:

  • Copy the files contained in the WINREPORTS directory to the ALERE\WIN\REPORTS directory. (.FRX, .FRT files)

  • Copy the files contained in the SOURCE directory to the ALERE\SOURCE directory (ac_ext_menu.* files)

  • Copy the files in the ALEREROOT directory to your ALERE 7.2 root directory. (all other files + ac_ext_menu.MPX) Note: If you have modifications in the WSHOOKS.DBF, you need to append the contents of the enclosed WSHOOKS to your existing table rather than replacing it.

  • Enter ALERE, and run TIW File Update for ALL Files, for ALL companies. Note that if you had previously installed 7.2 patch 02, you only need to run the TIW File Update for System Files.

Patch History

General Patch ac72fix05 Released - 12/18/14

General Patch ac72fix04 Released - 09/30/14

General Patch ac72fix03 Released - 05/23/14

General Patch ac72fix02 Released - 05/21/14

General Patch ac72fix01 Released - 02/28/14

Version Release - 01/31/14






Purchases - Receiving a Purchase Order with Lot Numbered items that have 3 or more decimal unit of measure conversions (such as meters to yards) receives incorrect quantities of the items.



Purchases - Running the patched Unrecognized Payables report from ALFix03 in a Client/Server environment generates "An error has occurred in SQL. Check the table SQLERRORLOG.DBF for details.



Purchases - Corrects the Unrecognized Payables report for unit of measure calculation errors.



Sales - One user creates a sales order with multiple lines and then saves it. Another user deletes one or more lines on that order and saves it. After pressing "yes" on the okcancel stating that the order was created by another user, a "1586 Function requires row or table buffering mode. SQL.SQLSAVEVARS 0" error is generated.



Manager - An email automation rule with the Address set to "Sales Rep" emails the first listed email address in the CoPeople table with a blank SalesID field if the sales Rep is blank on that order.



InTouch - On the Company Profile screen after clicking in the Agent ID field for a company with a blank locid and then exiting the ID field a location ID is put into the location ID field.



Purchases - Reversing the shipping on a Purchase Return Order in the Client/Server version of ALERE posts the GL transactions but does not return the item to inventory.



Purchases - Corrects the Unrecognized Payables report for companies with archived and reduced GL such that GL entries do not exist that match AP's still open in company.



Inventory - Client/Server Platform - Current Inventory, As of Inventory and Physical Inventory reports produce "An error has occurred in SQL" when a store or bin filter is entered.



Sales - The Aged Receivables report does not show the correct amount if a multi currency invoice is partly paid.



Mobility - Corrects a possible sharing violation on the WsInfo table during cloud synchronization with multiple companies.



Purchases - On a taxable Purchase Order with a taxable purchased item with a five decimal quantity and a taxable return item also with five decimals, releasing the order to AP may generate a debits exceeds credits message.



Purchases - Purchase Supplier and Sales Customer screens - If you ADD a new company, on SAVE, the contact information disappears as it is not checked as "Primary".



Sales - Completing an AR Invoice with the Done Button on the Status Tab of the Order Screen when there are multiple taxable lines may create an incorrect GL posting.



Sales - Loading new pricing information on a Sales type order from the Load button does not update all line items.



Purchases - On a new Purchase Order, entering the Company ID directly into the POTO fields generates a "12 Variable REMITID is not found. PSHEADER.PURCHASE.PAGE1.TXTPOTO.VALID 0" error.



Sales - Aged Receivables Report - If you have a returned check on an invoice, the open amount on the report may be incorrect.



Sales - Sending a Mass Statement email with Patch 3 in place pops up a message that there are "No .Varname definitions in WS_LINGO". The email errors screen then comes up with the message that the 'Statement Report has no records'.



Sales - Entering the Mass Processing screen in the Client/Server version of the product with Patch 3 in place generates a "13 Alias SLHEADER is not found. EXT_SQLSEND 0" error.



InTouch - Improved performance speed on entering, going forwards/backwards and pressing get on the Company Profile, Prospect Profile, Contacts and Prospective Contacts screens.



Client/Server Platform - The TIW File Update is not updating all the contact records from Company Address when multiple locations are present.



Sales - Doing an "Apply Credits" on the AR/Cash Receipts screen for a Credit Memo that is still open on the screen allows the entire amount to be released to AP. The Refresh button on the Status tab also does not update the payment amount.



Sales or Purchases - On customer or supplier screen, using FWD/BWD/GET buttons while on SETTINGS Tab, then going to the header tab, contact info is not updated.



InTouch - On the Profile Search screen attempting to do a multi criteria search when both are based on the same field generates a 107 Operator Operand type mismatch error.



InTouch - Profile Search screen clicking on the grid headers for a column with a date generates a 1806 SQL: Column is not found error.



Sales> Customer Screen - GET gives error 1806 SQL Comumn COMPANYID is not found. EXT_SQLSEND.



Mobility - The Mobile Application was missing the IsMyCo fields required to log in successfully.

72-360 05/21/14 InTouch - Entering the screens as well as the Forward/Backward and Get functions have been sped up on the Company Profile, Prospect Profile, Contacts and Prospective Contacts screens when linked to Outlook.
72-356 05/21/14 Sales - Under certain conditions releasing a Sales Order to an Invoice on the Mass Processing screen generates a message that the "Header Cursor Has Incorrect Structure for DocType xx " and does not relase the order.
72-345 05/21/14 Purchases - Doing several Receive and Release to AP on a single Purchase Order adding shipping each time, adds the shipping item with an incorrect line number which incorrectly alters the values on the order.
72-342 05/21/14 InTouch - On the Call Sheet report the Attributes may overlap one another.
72-341 05/21/14 Purchases - Printing a check for a refund of a sales prepayment from the AP/Cash Payment screen doubles the amount on the check.
72-329 05/21/14 Fetch - On the Company by Contact, when entering a a new company Fetch will not find any results.
72-326 05/21/14 Sales & Purchases - The Contact and Phone Number do not show up correctly on the Sales and Purchase Order Header screens for new contacts or ones that have changed.
72-322 05/21/14 Sales - On the Aged Receivables report, selecting the option to Include On Account generates a "13 Alias FIELDSIZEOBJ is not found. EXT_SQLSEND 0" error.
72-320 05/21/14 Manager - Create a new customer in the Companies screen. Setting the email rule ID on the Bill to (or Remit to) tab gives error message that email address is required.
72-319 05/21/14 General - Reports cannot be exported to Excel if a local copy of Excel is not installed on that machine
72-318 05/21/14 Sales - On the Statement report, if you have a Credit Memo and an AR Invoice for the same customer, with the same order number (DocID), and part of the Credit Memo was applied, the summary line at the bottom of the shas shows an incorrect total.
72-317 05/21/14 Sales - On the Aged Receivables report, if you have a Credit Memo and an AR Invoice for the same customer, with the same order number (DocID), and part of the Credit Memo was applied, the report includes the applied amount with the wrong document total.
72-315 05/21/14 InTouch - The Call Sheet report is showing item activity from all customers over the dates selected.
72-312 05/21/14 General - Exporting a report with 52 or more fields to Excel places the 52nd field in column BZ rather than AZ.
72-306 05/21/14 Purchases - Releasing a Recurring Purchase Order to an AP with the Distribute Inbound Tax to Item option set, generates an "Operator/operand type mismatch" error.
72-305 05/21/14 Purchases - Adding shipping on the Receive and Release to AP of a drop ship Purchase Order generates a "Numeric overflow" error.
72-303 05/21/14 Purchases - On the Payables screen, when voiding a payable and reversing receipts, get error "12 Variable LSNLIST is not found..."
72-302 05/21/14 Sales - In AR/Cash Receipts, double-click Discount field and use calculator popup to calculate amount. Saves amount with fractional cents.
72-300 05/21/14 Sales - Adding a taxable shipping item to a manual AR Invoice during the Accept generates an "Operator/operand type mismatch" error.
72-299 05/21/14 Purchases - The Unrecognized Payables report shows payables that were marked as Done.
72-298 05/21/14 Purchases - On the Unrecognized Payables report the Price field is displaying all 9's.
72-297 05/21/14 Purchases - Setting the filter for a specific supplier on the Unrecognized Payables report returns no records.
72-296 05/21/14 InTouch - The browser on the Supplier screen does not show phone1 for new customers added.
72-295 05/21/14 InTouch - The browser on the Company screen does not show the phone1 or contact for new customers added.
72-294 05/21/14 InTouch - On the Customer screen the Browser does not show phone1 for new customers added (Is showing phone from COADDR)
72-293 05/21/14 Sales - On the Sales Analysis report, if you run it based on Orders, the report doesn't show drop ship orders until they are shipped.
72-292 04/04/14 Manager - If the Remove Duplicates utility finds deleted records in GLPOST, renumbering will change the balances. Workaround is to make sure to run the Pack and Reindex utilityBEFORE running the Remove Dulicates utility.
72-289 05/21/14 General Ledger - Adding an additional segment to the GL Segments on the Company Defaults screen generates a "0 SQL Column GLVARSELL is not found. EXT_SQLUPDATE 1371 0" error.
72-287 05/21/14 Manager - Running the TIW File Update for companies with incomplete contact information and multiple locations, creates the PRIMARY01 records for each, but only the first location has a record marked as the Primary one.
72-283 05/21/14 General Ledger - On the Statement Report, for statement type "Balance Forward" and "Include CMs/Prepayments", if you create a PDF of the report, Sales Order Prepayments do not show.
72-279 05/21/14 General Ledger - Pressing post on the Recurring Journal Entry screen in the client/server version generates "An error occurred in SQL." type error.
72-272 05/21/14 InTouch - Outputting the Call Sheet report to a PDF leaves the three blocks at the top of report blank.
72-269 05/21/14 Sales - AR/Cash Receipt posted for more than invoice amount with the remainder going to customer prepayment. Go into Correct mode and make a change. On Save, the prepayment amount goes to a different account.
72-264 05/21/14 Purchases - Creating a Debit Memo from a Purchase Return order and adding shipping or tax reduces the amount of the Debit Memo. It is allowing the entry of a negative shipping value, but not tax. When the General Ledger posts, it reverses the shipping value reducing the General Ledger amount of the Debit Memo.
72-260 05/21/14 InTouch - After saving the Prospect Quote header information, the add of the first line item on the Line Items Tab does not work correctly. Also the Accept Button is not availabe on the line item tab until after saving all line items.
72-253 05/21/14 InTouch - The Profile Search screen does not function correctly when searching on Date type fields.
72-258 09/30/14 Sales - Sales Analysis Report - Gives "Selects are not Union Compatable" error if first record in SLLINES is a Credit.
72-251 05/21/14 Purchases - Reversing Receipts on a Purchase Order without a specific store and bin generates the message "(location ID) not found".
72-250 09/30/14 Sales - Aged Receivables Report - Additional improvements were made to the speed.
72-249 05/21/14 Fetch - Clicking on one of the InTouch Fetch searches without entering anything in the search field generates a "13 Alias FETCHRECS is not found..." error.
72-245 05/21/14 DRP - The Generate Recommended Purchase Orders screen is adding sales tax to Purchase Orders even if the supplier is marked tax exempt.
72-242 02/28/14 General - Entering the product with a key that has access to the InTouch or Mobility modules (but not both) may generate a "1924 OSplash is not an object" error
72-241 02/28/14 InTouch - Sets the new oWS.FieldSizeObj.RefIdLength property to the length of the w_refidlen global variable for any custom changes to the Reference ID length
72-240 02/28/14 InTouch - Sets the new oWS.FieldSizeObj.CoIDLength property to the length of the w_coidlen global variable for any custom changes to the Company ID length
72-239 02/28/14 Sales - Sales Order Line Items - In Client/Server package adding a customer item number may result in a Error has occured in SQL error
72-237 02/28/14 Sales - Sales Order Line Items - Double click/F2 in Customer Item field generates 13 Alias RAWLIST is not found
72-235 02/28/14 InTouch - The Profile and Prospect Profile contact log entries for emails from Outlook may not be displayed due to quotes or capitalization differences in Outlook
72-233 05/21/14 Commissions - The Sales Rep Definition screen allows the entering of duplicate sales reps but with unique contact IDs.
72-227 02/28/14 General - When exporting reports, the first line in the cursor is not being exported
72-226 02/28/14 General - When exporting reports, the ALERE currency type fields are displaying the dollar sign within Excel
72-081 02/28/14 Manager - Creating a deposit or withdrawal in the bank transactions screen and voiding it on the AR Cash Receipts or AP Cash Payments screens respectively properly marks the transaction as voided but posts another transaction into the other cash account
72-078 02/28/14 Intouch - Changing the Contact ID while editing a previously saved Contact Log entry does not save the changes correctly
72-075 09/30/14 Sales - Aged Receivables Report - If an invoice has receivables to multiple AR accounts, the report, when run for a single AR Account, will show the total receivable.
72-066 02/28/14 Sales - Posting on the Finance Charges screen generates a "12 Variable Lot is not found EXT_CREATE_ORDER 0" error
72-056 02/28/14 Manager - The Modify Screens modification tool does not have any of the new InTouch or Mobility screens listed
72-053 02/28/14 Manager - The TIW File Update utility may not successfully move all the primary contacts into the contact table resulting in blank primary contact information on the Company Profile and Companies screens
72-047 02/28/14 Inventory - The Inventory Master Items detail report generates a "202 Invalid Path or Filename. BRPTCODE.RPTOUTPUT 0" error if any of the included items have an image path with indirect pathing
72-044 02/28/14 Inventory - The location browsers on the Inventory Adjustment screen Adjust Item Tab generate a "1806 Column LocItem is not found. EXT_SQLSEND 0" error
72-039 02/28/14 General - Exporting report to Excel does not include the header line containing the field names.
72-024 02/28/14 InTouch - Quickly clicking one of the grid completion checkboxes on the Tasks screen after pressing the Complete or Active buttons may result in a "9 Data Type Mismatch. KSTASKS.CNTFIELDBOX1.GRDTASKS.COLUMN1.TIWCHECKBOX1.CLICK 0" error
72-012 02/28/14 InTouch - On the Company and Prospect Profile screens attempting to change the Primary contact may erroneously generate a warning message that another contact is defined as the primary contact and attempting to change the primary contact after a save/edit/discard from that tab may create a "12 variable is not found" error
72-011 02/28/14 InTouch - Adding a Mass Email Rule for a Contact miscellaneous field generates a "1806 SQL Column CODEx is not found." error
72-010 02/28/14 InTouch - Certain conditions within Outlook emails may create an OLE error going into the Company Profile, Prospect Profile, Contacts and/or Prospective Contacts screens

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