ALERE Accounting v7.3 Issues

General Patch - Posted 04/25/17

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This patch includes all previous patches.

Installation Instruction:

Everyone needs to be out of ALERE, and any linked packages (DAQ, other packages).

Unzip patch file to a temporary location, retaining file structures.

Copy the contents of "ROOT" Directory to your ALERE11 Root Directory.

Copy the contents of "SYSFILES" directory to your ALERE11 SYSFILES Directory.

Copy the contents of "WIN_REPORTS" directory to your ALERE11 WIN\REPORTS Directory.

Enter ALERE11, and run TIW File Update for System Files Only. Exit ALERE.

Update is complete.

Please contact us if you have any questions


Version Release - 01/13/17

General Patch - 04/14/17

General Patch - 04/25/17




11-408 04/25/17  Mobility Module and Multicurrency screens may get error on entry.
11-407 04/25/17 File - Login Options - Browser incorrectly shows users that are set up for a single company as having no access.
11-406 04/25/17 File - Login Options - Clicking ADD may not bring up blank field to enter userid.
11-395 04/14/17 Client Server - Cash Receipts Report - Run for include options other than ALL gets an error occurred in SQL.
11-393 04/14/17 Sales - Shipping a KIT, with 0 quantity items on it. If those items are not in stock get error that kit is missing items and cannot ship.
11-391 04/14/17 Sales - Printing Kit Component info on SO/AR, printing all the 0 quantity components. Did not in 7.3
11-389 04/14/17 Purchases = When creating an AP Payable from a Purchase Order and adding shipping on the Invoice Validation screen, the Purchase Order is not being updated with the shipping charge's General Ledger transaction.
11-388 04/14/17 InTouch - Creating a new appointment in the InTouch module with an end time before the start time generates a "1429 OLE IDispatch exception code 4096 from Microsoft Outlook. KSADDSCHED.SAVE_APPOINTMENT 0" error.
11-387 04/14/17 Sales - On a Sales Return Order with a return line, releasing the order with the PO Only release function generates a "12 Variable ACCEPTPO is not found. SSRELEAS.R_SHOW 0" error.
11-384 04/14/17 File - The Load button on the Login Options screen does not copy the permissions from the selected user.
11-382 04/14/17 Order - Firm Planning a Work Order with a configuration may generate a "1923 Object OCONFIG is not found. BOMUNIT 0" error.
11-376 04/14/17 File - Running the Key Field Changes from the File Ribbon for the Company ID Key Name may incorrectly generate a message that the Company ID already exists for another company.
11-374 04/14/17 Sales - Receiving a Consignment Order in a Standard Cost Company generates a "12 Variable RECVLOCN is not found. EXT_RECEIVETOGLTEST 0" error.
11-373 04/14/17 File - After saving the multi-company override options via the Access button on the Login Options screen, the browser on the Login Options screen will display one user record for each defined company with no manner to filter out the ones that the user has no access to.
11-372 04/14/17 File - Running Reconcile Balances with the Work Order Allocation and On Order choice selected when there are no manufacturing modules present generates a "1806 SQL Column Lineno is not found" error.
11-370 04/14/17 Purchases - Accepting a Purchase Requisition that has an email automation rule set up to send emails on the acceptance of the order, visually removes all the line items from the orders. Exiting the screen and returning does display the line items again.
11-367 04/14/17 BOM - Running the FG Configurations report for All items may generate a "12 Variable PARREV is not found. BRPTCODE.RPTOUTPUT 0" error with large data sets.
11-356 04/14/17 File - The Developers Kit is missing some of the Manufacturing sample files. (contact TIW if needed, only available for users with Dev Kit).
11-355 04/14/17 Sales - Accepting a manual Invoice that has a whole order discount and both Sale and Credit line items, generates an Unbalanced GL error leaving the order in a shipped but unaccepted state.
11-353 04/14/17 Sales - Releasing a Sales Order to an AR Invoice that has a whole order discount and both Sale and Credit line items, creates a General Ledger posting with the Sales Discount account overstated by the amount of the discount on the credit line and the Receivables account understated by the same amount.
11-347 04/14/17 Sales - Making an AR Cash Receipts payment for a combination of taxable Sales items and taxable Return/Credit items on the invoices may cause a rounding imbalance that is being posted to the Currency Variance account on the Journal Entry screen and the account cannot be changed.



Inventory - A transfer order properly posts costs when issued and received but does not update the average cost in an average cost company.

11-341 04/14/17 Finance - The General Ledger Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reports will overflow the line and total fields for values of one billion or greater or for values of negative one hundred million or lower.
11-137 04/14/17 Sales - Shipping a Kit type item that contains a Lot item from the Sales Order screen Status tab generates a "12 Variable LINETYPE is not found TSASSIGN.SETUPOPENTABLE 0" error.
11-126 04/14/17 Purchase - On the Purchase Batch Accepting screen, clicking in the Supplier Location column of the grid generates an "1806 SQL Column CUSTOMER is not found EXT_SQLSEND 0" error.
11-015 04/14/17 Commissions - On the Analysis of Commissions report when there are multiple commission rules that are used to generate a single document's commission amount, the Base Amount on the report is increased by the number of rules that apply.
11-011 04/14/17 BOM - In a BOM Only system with no Order or Route modules, creating a Material Order from a Sales Order assigns all the material to operation step 0 and the material cannot be issued.

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