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General Patch - 03/17/16 Download General Patch

The current patch is named This ZIP file is approximately 1.9MB in size.

Please read instructions completely before starting upddate. Contact us if there are any questions. Note that previous 10.0 Patches do not need to be in place before installing this update.


1. All users need to be out of ALERE Manufacturing and any linked packages (Accounting, DAQ, others).

2. Unzip patch file to a temporary location.

3. Copy the contents of the Mfg10Root Directory to your ALERE 10.0 Root Directory.

4. Copy the contents of the SYSFILES directory to your ALERE 10.0 SYSFILES Directory.

5. Copy the contents of the WIN\REPORTS directory to your ALERE 10.0 WIN\REPORTS Directory.

6. If you had previously installed ALERE Mfg Patch #2, Enter ALERE Mfg, and run TIW File Update for System Files Only. If you had not installed ALERE Mfg Patch #2, or if you are not sure, enter ALERE Mfg, and run TIW File Update for ALL FILES, ALL COMPANIES.

7. Update is complete. Exit ALERE Manufacturing.

Patch History

Version Release 2/05/15

General Patch 08/12/15

General Patch 11/04/15

General Patch 03/17/16




100-230 03/17/16 Manager - If a user is set for "No Access" for Order > Work Order > Post to Closed Fiscal Periods, they can still post labor and/or overhead to a closed (but not locked) period (OFCP).
100-223 03/17/16 Order - In the Client/Server version of ALERE on the Work Order Inquiry screen, all orders show a status of "Finished" in the description.
100-220 03/17/16 Order - Firm Planning an Order on the Mass Transactions screen does not update the In Process field for that order.
100-219 03/17/16 Route - Deleted route steps appear on the Full Routing Detail report.
100-218 03/17/16 Order -  Adding a new work order from a configured Sales Order, where the BOM is not defined for the Need By date, "An error occurred in SQL" message is given.
100-216 03/17/16 BOM -  Some Variable children do not show on the Costed BOM report.
100-214 03/17/16 Order -  If an item is added to a BOM, then you create an order, you get the message asking if you want to assign additional material to the first step. If you hit YES, ALL of the material is assigned to the first step. Previously only the new material was assigned to the first step.
100-213 03/17/16 Order -  If an item is added to a BOM then you create an order, you get the message asking if you want to assign additional material to the first step. If you hit NO, it creates the order without the added material. Previously the order was created without a material list.
100-207 03/17/16 Order - The Work Order Material tab is showing remaining quantity on both a phantom and its children when the order is created from Plan.
100-204 03/17/16 Plan - If there is a blank record in BMREV when running sales order planning, it will cause recommended MFG orders to be duplicated.
100-200 03/17/16 BOM - Some material quantities on work orders could be doubled if there is a blank record in the BMREV (BOM) table.
100-197 03/17/16 Order - In ALERE Manufacturing CS, issue of nonstock item with the Multiple Materials Transaction screen results in error "12 Variable LOC_ID is not found".
100-189 03/17/16 Plan - On the Generate Work Orders screen, setting a filter for a partial item and then re-ordering the grid by sales order may skip some of the checked orders when generating.
100-188 03/17/16 BOM - If a serialized item is disassembled with "Disassemble BOM", that serial number is not allowed to be used for a finished good on another work order.
100-174 03/17/16 BOM - On the BOM Where Used report, the filter for active date does not always function correctly.
100-143 03/17/16 Route - On the Master Route screen Operation tab deleted lines continue to be shown even after saving the route.
100-142 03/17/16 BOM - Creating a revision of a BOM, that has one or more finished goods configurations, does not update the active and inactive dates on the finished goods. This results in duplicates of that finished goods item appearing on BOMs where it is used.
100-141 08/12/15 Order - On an inheritance work order with a positive integer yield value that indicates the production of multiple finished good items for each raw material, the resulting serial number of each finished good item should be composed of the original serial number from the issued item followed by a sequenced letter suffix (A, B, C, etc.).
100-140 08/12/15 Utility - When using to externally post XQ transaction where work order contains specifically allocated lot or serialized parts, object creation error is generated.
100-138 08/12/15 Cost - Cost Order Analysis report, Total Labor line does not sum up labor from all operations.
100-135 08/12/15 Manager - On Labor and Attendance screen, Labor/Usage tab, unfinished and unposted logins can't be deleted.
100-133 08/12/15 Schedule - Correct schedule to handle pending operation steps that follow a step with OS or WIP transaction(s). Pending steps are generating "Operation should be marked as complete" warning if the pending steps immediately follow a WIP step where the WIP step is projected to be complete.
100-131 08/12/15 Order - Work Order Schedule report is ordered by work center instead of order number, date, time.
100-128 08/12/15 Plan - Plan Route option on Company Defaults is not allowing order to be generated if the BOM has no default route.
100-125 08/12/15 Route - Browser from the Get button on Route>Operation Library screen shows "Memo" for all descriptions.
100-123 08/12/15 Order - When creating or saving a WO that has a BOM with a phantom that has no children, no material list is generated.
100-121 08/12/15 Order - Work Order transactions, posting FG of lot item. On the selection screen, if you type in lot number with leading spaces, it is posted to inventory with the leading spaces.
100-116 08/12/15 Plan - Linked to accounting system other than ALERE, entering the Plan>Sales Order Planning screen gives error "1940 Expression is not valid outside of WITH/ENDWITH..."
100-113 08/12/15 Order - Configurable item on Sales Order with SOC Inhibit set or SOC not enabled does not get default (or finished good) configuration from BOM configuration table.
100-109 08/12/15 Plan - Generate Work Order creates incorrect Work Order. Fully configured FG is marked as "Unconfigured" and no material list is created in SOMATER.
08/12/15 Route - Route>Assign Material screen, after hyperlink from BOM Master. If you move to a different record and make changes, or add a new material assignment, the fields all go blank on Save.
100-105 08/12/15 Plan - Remaining quantity on work order material lists not included on MRP report for certain locations.
100-097 08/12/15 Utility - Remove duplicates, not linked to ALERE Acctg. Error when running Remove Duplicates.
100-096 08/12/15 Plan - From Plan, generating work order for item that the default route has a shrink factor (yield), the order projected quantity is incorrect.



DAQ - In some cases, running the external DAQ application from the ALERE Manufacturing folder, did not use accounting system settings such as "Receive into Existing Lots".



BOM - Create work order for an item with a BOM, but link to a different route (rework). On Save get message asking if you want to assign all material to first step. If you answer No, won't allow FPO without a complete configuration.



Order - Fixes numerous issues with posting FX and FR transactions:
a. Posting a FX transaction does not update the On Order quantity in inventory when linked to ALERE Accounting.
b. Posting a reverse FG transaction does not update the On Order quantity in inventory when linked to ALERE Accounting.
c. Posting a reverse FG transaction does not delete the "F" state record in the IdLotSn table.
d. Posting a reverse FG transaction for a Work Order with multiple FG's with the same lot number removes all of that lot number from inventory when linked to ALERE Accounting.
e. Posting a reverse FG transaction for a Work Order with multiple FG transactions creates extra records in the ImActLog table when linked to ALERE Accounting.
f. No General Ledger postings are made when posting a reverse FG transaction when linked to ALERE Accounting.
g. Posting a reverse FG transaction for a quantity greater than one posts the wrong amount to the ImActLog table when linked to ALERE Accounting.
h. Posting a reverse FG transaction for a Lot/Serial item when there are multiple 'p' state records in the IdLotSN table may create incorrect quantities of unposted parent items.



Manager - Linked to SBT/Accpac Pro accounting, doing Item Number key change gives error "12 Variable TCALIAS is not found."



BOM - Indented BOM report, run for Standard Indent, listing includes the parent item on the first level.



Order - Using the FWD/BWD or GET buttons on any tab other than the "Material" or "Trans" tab fails to synchronize the "Material" tab with the correct work order.



Manager - On TIW File Update, set to update all tables for multiple companies, get a "File is in use" error at the start of the second company.



Order - A material list is created for a work order even when "No" is selected when the question about assigning all material to the first step is asked.



Plan - When linked with accounting packages other than ALERE - the MRP report, Item MRP Planning screen, and Push/Pull report all have an error occur when run for a single item number.

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