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TIW offers User technical support via telephone/fax/Email for a period of one year from date of purchase or until the expiration date of current software maintenance agreement (SMA). The technical support is designed to answer specific questions regarding how TIW products function, what features are designed to do, report program bugs, and other detailed technical questions. Explaining accounting and manufacturing processes and disciplines, training, installation, and systems hardware configuration are properly the responsibility of Authorized TIW Dealers and outside the scope of this support.

A word about working with TIW on technical issues

We sincerely want you to be successful with our product. Please view us as a partner.

ALERE Business Applications are complex products and occasionally you might run into anomalies. Here is how we approach solving a problem:

  • First, and foremost, we must be able to duplicate the problem. As best as you can, relate to us the steps to recreate the problem. Yes, indeed, we believe you have seen it on your system. The trick is to get us to see it on our system. This means that it is not related to your environment and therefore considerably reduces the amount of time to solve the issue. On occasion, we will ask you to provide a copy of your data and programs. This allows us to work directly with your data, using your programs, in our environment.
  • When we can duplicate the problem we first look to see if we can provide you with a viable work around in order to minimize the effects on your day-to-day activities.
  • We then work to see if we can provide a field patch if the problem is severe and/or there is no good work around.
  • We slate a permanent correction for a future software release once you have a work around or we have provided a field patch. Generally speaking we release a new letter, decimal or version every 10 to 16 weeks. Of course we make exceptions if we determine that there is a severe problem that may compromise data integrity or the core functionality of the product. In that rare case, every effort is made to immediately correct the issue and release a new version.
  • If we cannot duplicate the problem it doesn't mean we have stopped trying. Each week we review open issues in a Development Meeting to see if perhaps someone else has an idea or has run into a similar situation.

By the way, do not be surprised to get a follow up phone call from us. Our people take personal pride in their work and want to make sure you are satisfied.

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