Course Schedules and Registration

Technical Seminar

This seminar is for the first time ALERE Accounting (three days) or Manufacturing (two days) user or as a refresher course to bring you up to speed on the newest features and processes. This course:

  • Goes through the procedure for installing the software and related utilities

  • Steps you through the implementation sequence to get all the Modules up and running

  • Explains how to use the features of this these advanced programs

  • Discusses  the underlying concepts of the processes and why they are so important to the costs of running and maintaining a manufacturing package

In our Easton, PA facility time is set aside in each class for hands on training and one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

Questions and discussions are encouraged in every class!

The two day seminar includes seminar materials, continental breakfast, and lunch.

$595 per person - Manufacturing 2-Day Seminar

$895 per person - Accounting 3-day Seminar

A discount of $100 may be taken for each additional person from a company that is taking the same seminar. Call for details.

Developers Seminar

This seminar is designed for the advanced user who would like to understand how to use the powerful architecture of TIW to make customizations and add capabilities that are unique to their business. In the course you will learn:

  • What makes a good modification strategy

  • How to use the many program hooks embedded throughout the TIW products

  • How to modify the menus

  • How to make report modifications and add new ones

  • How forms are organized and how to add and modify them

  • How to make use of the many callable functions

The Developers Seminar is a three day combination lecture and hands on intensive course held in our Easton, PA facility.

Each class is limited to 12 students. Course materials, continental breakfasts and lunches are included in the seminar cost.

Each person completing a seminar will receive a certificate.

$1,495 per person

A discount of $100 may be taken for each additional person from a company that is taking the same seminar. Call for details.

Custom Consulting

ALERE Accounting and Manufacturing are mission critical applications. That means that it is vitally important that these programs be implemented, brought online, and operated in a manner that properly supports your company.

TIW has highly trained and experienced staff available to help you meet your goals. When these people are on site, they represent a team of professionals that are backed by the resources of TIW.

This type of support is appropriate when

  • You want your key people trained on site with your own company data.

  • You need to understand the far reaching consequences of ALERE Accounting or Manufacturing implementation or operation decisions.

  • You feel that you are only utilizing a fraction of the potential of ALERE Accounting or Manufacturing and want to know how to move to the next level.

  • You need a second opinion or advice on the use of a key technology.

Consulting of this nature is most effective when the specific goals are well defined before hand, there is the full support of management, and people are focused on moving forward and will not be distracted by day-to-day operations of the business during the period TIW staff are on site.

If you are interested in this level of support, contact Bob Mohr, Director of Technical Services, to discuss your requirements. He can be reached at 610.258.5161 x 112 or by email at

Call for pricing

Sufficient time must be allowed to schedule a consultant and make travel arrangements. Generally, a minimum of two weeks is required ahead of time.

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