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ALERE Instructional Videos

These brief videos are designed to demonstrate a specific process or feature

Program FeaturesFileManagerSales
Help ManualReconcile BalancesProduct ClassEntering a Simple Sales Order
Dynamic Screen SizingUser LoginsAdding a New CompanyShipping a Simple Sales Order
Introduction to the Browser

File Pack and Reindex

Setting up an Approval GroupInvoice Payment with Correct Amount
Browser Persistence
Creating an Order Approval RulePricing Rules
Checking AccountsTesting a Pricing Rule
External Hyperlinks

Simple Payable InvoiceAdding an Item to Inventory
GL Distribution List
Mass PaymentsInventory Location Information

Document Management & COA

Inventory Images
GL Account Filter Rules

Using Serial Numbers

Assigning Serial Number

Entering a New ProspectCustomer Analytics

Finding a Company

Creating a Mass Email/Direct Mail Rule


Adding a Work OrderAdding a Labor GradeAdding a Master Route

Releasing a Work OrderUsing Costed RollupAdding an Item/Route Association

Editing a Work Order Material List
Assigning Material with BOM

Posting Transactions to a Work Order

Assigning Parent Lot/Serial Numbers

Assigning Lot/Serial Numbers Components to Parents

Completing a Work Order

Work Order Processing

Adding a Component Type BOMPlan OrdersAdding a Work CenterRunning the Trial Schedule
Indented BOMSGenerate Recommended Work OrdersDowntimeImplementing a Trail Schedule
Finished Good ConfigurationsGenerate Recommended Purchase Orders
View Schedule
Material OrdersUsing Order Push/Pull

Disassemble ItemSales Order Planning

Item MRP Planning